All The Ships (ALL OF THEM), Bruised, Sjips Short
All The Ships (ALL OF THEM)
Bruised, Sjips Short

"Jeez—" The lumberjack exclaimed, kneeling down to fully assess the damage he had dealt. The lanky figure before him lay still, limbs sprawled across their marble floor at painful angles only to slowly contract; tucking in to one and other, making the body form into a curled state.

Sips brushed the back of his hand against the other’s cheekbone, feeling Sjin shudder beneath his touch due to the cold—

Or perhaps it was concentrated fear.

And that’s what Sips hated.

He hated to scare his friend in this way— Hated for his rage to achieve a point in which it was beyond his control the actions which followed.  This time it was his lividity provoked by Rythian. Not Sjin. It wasn’t Sjin who ridiculed him, only to evidently support his insults by witty statements and then fly away without warning. That wasn’t Sjin. 

Glancing down at his partner’s face more closely, his scrolling detected a large, magenta bruise that positioned itself near his left eye. The eyelid was scrunched stubbornly, as if trying to shield itself from the inevitable black-eye that was fast approaching. of course, it’s attempts would be feeble and he would wake up with no less than exactly that.

Sips sighed heavily, digging his hands underneath the back of the Architect’s spacesuit, lifting his body with ease. 

"Come on…" He whispered whilst carrying the body further until he reached the bed they shared, a few blocks from where Sjin was knocked out cold. Sips slid him from underneath his grip onto the bed, where he resided in wounded exhales.

"L-Listen, I know you can hear me— So… So just listen. And, look, I know—"

"It’s fine…" The spaceman hissed. 

"But it really isn’t, Sjin, not this time—"

Sjin smiled half-heartedly as best as he could, offering the assurance that Sips was forgiven. He had come to terms with his anger now, even if it was through being the thing Sips took the anger out upon… But he understood. Fully, so. 

Sips scowled to himself, crashing out onto the straw mattress.However irrational his actions got, Sjin always gave him a nudge and a smirk before he was able to deepen his guilt. It was then that he wrapped two arms protectively around Sjin, pulling his head into his chest before running fingers through his aureate curls. 

"You sonnova bitch…" Sips grinned, making Sjin stifle a quiet giggle.

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